What can I expect In a church service?

We appreciate that coming to a church service can be daunting, and it may be unclear what to expect.  At St Anne's we are committed to making worship accessible to all, and so easy to understand and to follow.  If you are new, our welcomers will make sure you (and any with you) are made comfortable.

what are church services like?

Family Worship is typically about 60-70 minutes.  We worship God by praying, singing songs and hymns, declaring our Christian beliefs, greeting each other, listening to Bible readings, and hearing a message about them.  As an Anglican church, we worship according to a pattern inherited from the early church that is now set out in A Prayer Book for Australia.  However, in Family Worship we do not actually use the Prayer Book itself.  The whole service is projected on slides.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, and it is easy to follow.  When words are marked in bold, we are invited to say them together.  The slides also give cues for times to stand and times to sit.

After the children’s talk, we have ‘the greeting of peace’.  Feel free to greet and shake hands with those around you—the usual greeting we exchange with each other is 'Peace be with you!'