Being an Anglican Church


the Anglican communion, worldwide

The Anglican Communion includes around 85 million Christians in over 165 countries and in national churches called Anglican or Episcopal.  They share an origin in the Church of England, but each national church is independent.  Anglican and Episcopal churches share history and patterns of worship, but can also demonstrate a rich diversity - even in the same region or locality. 


Anglican church southern queensland

We belong to the Anglican Church Southern Queensland - which is the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. As its name suggests, the Diocese centres on Queensland's capital city and is supervised by the Archbishop of Brisbane. However, the Diocese encompasses the whole of southern Queensland - from the New South Wales border north to Bundaberg and, from the coastline, west to the Northern Territory border.  The Archbishop has three regional bishops to assist him - and the Bishop of the Western Region looks after Highfields and Toowoomba. 



St Anne's Anglican Church is a church in the Parish of Toowoomba St James. The other church in the Parish is St James' Anglican Church - on the corner of Russell and Mort Streets, Toowoomba. St James' Anglican Parish covers Toowoomba's northern suburbs and extends north of Toowoomba as far as Highfields.