Our facilities

St Anne's Church building was dedicated in November 2016, and is the newest church on the Darling Downs.  It is in the architectural style of the modern liturgical movement, and is an open plan worship space.  Inside the church itself, you will also find - 

  • Space designated as the New Guinea Martyrs Chapel

  • A Parents Room

The church

The church is designed for community to gather closerly around the Word and Sacraments, and for easy participation. Seating is comfortable.  Most services are projected onto screens.

Our worship space holds 170 people and can accommodate approximately 250 when doors between the church and hall are opened. 

When an Anglican church was established in Highfields in 1991, the people chose to dedicate it to St Anne.  This dedication was renewed for the new church building in 2016.

the new guinea martyrs chapel

Although the worship space is open plan, the left side of the church building is dedicated as the New Guinea Martyrs Chapel.  This is used for smaller and more intimate mid-week services.

parents room

For parents with babies and very young children, there is a Parents Room inside the church itself, on the right hand side.  It is fitted with one way glass and linked to the sound system.  This gives you complete privacy for breastfeeding and changing - but you can still see and listen to the service at the same time. 

The Parents Room has a change table and its own toilet.  Feel free to use it - it's there for your convenience!


the community hall

The hall is used for Sunday School, small groups, meetings and social events.  It is available for hire to community groups. See hall hire.


The church grounds (to the east of the community hall) amount to around 3,000 square metres, and are used for the quarterly Market and Car Boot Sale and for youth group activities.

The grounds are also available for hire, and are suitable for fitness groups and exercise classes.