Liturgy Team

There are many ways to participate in our services - just ask Rev’d Deb if you’d like to join the team!


Welcomers, or ‘sidespeople’ – prepare the entrance of the church before the service, welcome visitors and hand out the pew bulletin and other publications.


Readers are rostered on to read either the Hebrew Scripture or New Testament reading at Sunday services.


Intercessors write and lead the ‘prayers of the people’ at Sunday services.

Children’s Leaders

Children’s leaders ensure the children’s space is comfortably set up, organise children to be ‘gift bearers’ for the community before communion, and may tell a story or lead an activity during the service. Children’s leaders must hold a valid blue card.

Liturgical Assistants

Liturgical assistants are trained and licensed by the Bishop to assist the clergy in the celebration of the Sacraments and the worship of the church. Liturgical Assistants lead parts of the service, assist in the administration of Holy Communion, carry the processional cross and the candles. A liturgical assistant should be baptised and confirmed and must hold a valid blue card.

Altar Servers

The server is often a younger person who lights and extinguishes the sanctuary candles, carries the processional cross, and assisting the priest with holding books and preparing the altar for communion.

Music Team

Our musicians and singers are a crucial part of the worship experience. They lead the congregational hymns and communion setting chosen by the priest, and enhance the prayerful atmosphere with pre-service and post communion performance. Our musicians and singers meet on Saturday mornings at 10am to rehearse the music for the week ahead.