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Lent Practices

A common assumption is that all Christians give up something for Lent. Many actually take up something! Quiet reflection time, a group study, disciplined prayer times. Lent reminds us to reflect, pray and prepare for the joy of Easter.

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The poetry of Lent: Study groups

The best poems help us notice the world, attuning our eyes and ears to wonders we might otherwise overlook, and inspiring us to share what we find. In this Lenten devotional, biblical texts and Mary Oliver’s poems illumine each other, pointing toward simple, powerful practices of attention, astonishment and testimony.
Wednesdays 10:30am + 7pm @ St Anne’s
Fridays 10am @ St James Toowoomba

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for families: Breaking the chains

Like the story of the Exodus, Lent is a journey from captivity to freedom. The 40 days of Lent are set aside to help us increase the freedom in our lives.  "Breaking the Chains" is an engaging, family-friendly, creative Lenten resource, inviting all of us to let words of Scripture and daily practices of liberation be our guides through this mysterious season. Each day, break a link in the paper chain, read the prayers and suggestions and take part as a family in God's chain-breaking, artmaking, world-changing grace - all the way to the joyful freedom of Easter morning!
A take home resource available on Ash Wednesday and first Sunday of Lent.


Lenten apps for your smartphone

Into the Desert: 40 days of Bible readings, reflections and prayers that will take you on a spiritual journey into the Australian wilderness. Into the Desert combines Australian history and literature with the centuries old wisdom of Desert monasticism. It is written by ABM's Reconciliation Coordinator Celia Kemp, who draws on her own experience of living in the Australian desert to create a truly special publication.

Lent Pilgrim: The 40 daily reflections on The Beatitudes – eight beautiful sayings at the heart of Jesus’ teaching – are grouped in eight groups of five days on each beatitude.

Each day offers you the chance to listen to and read:
• A theme linked to the beatitude
• A suggested short Bible reading that explores that theme
• A short reflection by Steven Croft
• A suggestion of how to pray
• A prompt to act.

Just Earth: The Just Earth app offers a 40 day journey for those who care for all aspects of Creation and its beauty and wonders. For each day there is a short Biblical text followed by a reflection on the passage, a variety of quotes closely related to the passage (wisdom from many traditions and ages), a ‘to do’ suggestion that includes a practical action, and prayers appropriate to the section.

More lent practices:


Carbon Fast for Lent: On Good Friday four years ago, a group of Anglican Bishops from around the world called for urgent action on climate justice. Consider a carbon fast for lent. Article and resources here.

Rethink Church Photo-A-Day Challenge: Join this photo-a-day challenge and share on facebook or instagram how you perceive each word of the day. No explanation needed and you don't have to be a great photographer. This project is more about the practice of paying attention and being intentional.