Faith Education

We encourage everyone to ask plenty of questions: about faith, the church, and life. Whatever your questions, where ever you are on your journey, you are welcome here.

There is always more to learn about the faith and its practice, and ever more questions about the directions we go, the decisions we make, and how we negotiate relationships with loved ones and community, neighbours and strangers. Christian Education is about giving us some resources for the journey.

Study Groups

  • One of the best ways to wrestle with important questions is in conversation with others. Our study groups meet at St Anne’s and in private homes, and are great places to ask questions and make friends.

Workshops and Courses

On occasion we host workshops and guest speakers. Watch the calendar for details.



  • On The Way: A series of recorded conversations seeking a transformative spirituality and inclusive faith that speaks to our real issues and expresses the Gospel in our time.

  • SFC YouTube Channel contains talks and lectures from faith experts from all over the communion.