kids in church

Bring them!  We love having children in our worship services at St Anne's!  Don't worry if your child makes some noise - we're sure God doesn't mind some noise in church.  And we think it important that the kids learn about God by the example their parents give them in worship.  However, there is a Parents Room for parents who need some privacy for the care of their children during worship.

There is a children’s talk in the service; children will be invited to come to the front of the church to listen to it.  Parents may come too.  A Sunday School is held in the hall after the greeting of peace.  All children of primary school age and younger are welcome, although they may also stay in the service if you prefer that.  Parents and carers may also join in the Sunday School if you wish.

Children have their own room in the hall - which they themselves have called 'Kids' Space'.  It's a creative area where they can make things, display their work, and be free just to be kids.     

Children in the Sunday School return to the service for Holy Communion.

parents room

For parents with babies and very young children, there is a Parents Room inside the church itself, on the right hand side.  It is available for your use, and is fitted with one way glass and linked to the sound system.  This gives you complete privacy for breastfeeding and changing - but you can still see and listen to the service at the same time. 

The Parents Room has a change table (with wipes and hand cleansers provided) and its own toilet.  You will also find toys and books for young children. 

Don't feel reluctant to use the Parents Room if you wish to.  It's there for your convenience and comfort.