Baptisms, First Communion and Confirmation

You can ask our clergy about arrangements for Baptism, admission to Holy Communion or Confirmation.  Some planning is always needed.  These are important steps in the life of a Christian, and classes or discussions about the significance of the step being taken are held to prepare for it.

Please contact the Reverend Deborah Bird if you're interested.   

Phone 0400 816 202

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Baptism is the sacrament that signifies the cleansing that Jesus' death makes possible, and the new life that God gives us by the Holy Spirit.  The Anglican Church baptises children and adults.


The baptism of children is usually held in a Sunday Family Service, with Holy Communion at 8.30am.  However, special smaller baptismal services may be held at 12 noon on a Sunday.

thanksgiving service

A service of Thanksgiving for a Child is also available to celebrate the birth of a child (without a baptism). 

adults and teens   

Teen or adult baptisms can be also held in a Sunday Family Service, with Holy Communion at 8.30am, or at a special service at 12 noon. 

However, candidates for baptism aged 15 or above are usually confirmed at the same time, so adult baptisms are often organised around a Confirmation Service.


admission to holy communion

Baptised Christians aged 8 or above may be admitted to the sacrament of Holy Communion.  A special service for admission to Holy Communion is held in conjunction with Family Worship on a Sunday at 8.30am.   


Baptised Christians aged 15 or above may be confirmed.  This is where Christians confirm the promises that were made for them at baptism.  It is also a way that Christians who come from another tradition might become members of the Anglican Church.

Confirmation is always conducted by a bishop, and so (depending on the bishop's availability) we hold only one or two Confirmation Services each year.