When we come for Baptism we are saying “yes” to God’s love and desire for us to belong to the community of God’s people.

Baptisms should be booked with several weeks notice. There is a form to complete, and a preparatory session/rehearsal to book.

Baptism is offered at the following times:

  • St Anne’s Highfields
    1st and 3rd Sunday of the month during the 8:30am Eucharist
    (During Lent: 11am on 3rd Sundays only and baptism is not offered Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday.) Contact Rev’d Deb.

  • St James Toowoomba
    2nd and 4th Sundays at a 12pm Baptism service.
    Contact the St James Parish Office.


St Anne's Church is a spacious, open and peaceful setting for any wedding, with comfortable seating, parents room and facilities for food and drink after the service.  Please come in for a look!

Our clergy will usually conduct weddings at St Anne's or with permission, another minister of religion may be possible. Alternately our clergy may be able to officiate in another location.

Several months notice is required to organise the celebrant, marriage preparation, and service arrangements.

Please contact Rev’d Deb if you wish to begin planning a wedding. 


St Anne’s church is available to those of all faiths or no faith for funerals and memorial services. 

When planning a funeral there are forms provided for in A Prayer Book for Australia however it is important and entirely possible to craft a service that fits individual circumstances.

Just let your funeral director know you wish to arrange a St Anne’s funeral or have our clergy perform a graveside service or service at another location.

Please contact Rev’d Deb for more information.