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Our gatherings are filled with music, prayer, and the stories of our faith with the Eucharist (“thanksgiving”) at the heart of our life together.

Our congregation is a diverse bunch of people from Highfields and beyond. Our worldviews and values vary, and we respect our differing approaches to life and faith.

No matter who you are or where you are on your journey of life or faith, you are welcome at St Anne’s.

Please join us for a service, drop in for some quiet time during the week, or contact Reverend Deb for a chat over coffee.

A Prayer for Christchurch

A prayer offered by Dean Peter Catt of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane.

God of the suffering,
Our prayers this day are for the people of Christ Church, New Zealand,
And especially for the Muslim community of that city,
In their pain and grief
In the midst of evil. 

We pray for
Those mourning the loss of loved ones;
Neighbours stricken by the loss of friends;
Lovers torn apart through shocking violence. 

We pray for those who today begin the long road to recovery;
Those deeply injured and fighting for their life;
Those who witnessed unspeakable horrors;
Those who heroically sought to save lives
And those already working to rekindle the embers of hope

God of the suffering,
Our prayers this day are for all who strive for peace
And for all those who are especially fearful this day.

We pray for peace makers
Not the empty peace of keeping warring sides apart
But the deep peace in which enemies embrace.

We ask this in the name of your Son,
The Prince of Peace.  Amen’

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